Dental Day

On November 17th, 2018 Family Dental Care in conjunction with the nursing staff at Harborcreek School District organized a pro-bono dental day for students in need of care. Prior to this event Dr. Johnson and Melissa had volunteered to go into the Klein, Clark, Rolling Ridge and Harborcreek Junior High School to do evaluations on student who had not previously been seen by a dentist.  The event was very positive and rewarding and at that time it was determined that there was need for dental care within the school district.  Dr. Johnson and the staff at FDC wanted to provide an opportunity for the children to regain their dental health.

Two outstanding nurses Jolene Armstrong and Robin Dewey, tirelessly organized with students, parents and the school district to make this volunteer dental day possible. Dr Johnson, Melissa Adams, Christine Froess, Kaila Pribonic, Amanda Stagg and Maritza Rivera all volunteered their time and skills to comprehensively treat 15 Harborcreek children. Melissa completed 14 dental cleanings and 51 sealants.  Melissa, Amanda, Kaila and Maritza took 39 x-rays to help Dr Johnson do 15 comprehensive exams.  Within the 6 hour time frame, 22 fillings were completed, 5 extractions and 1 pulpotomy.  Jolene transported the children back and forth from the schools to the dental office all day while Robin comforted and encouraged the children during treatment.  A guest appearance from Mr. Tooth, the FDC mascot aka Christopher Johnson, was made to make the children and volunteers smile.  It was a successful, productive day and we all look forward to organizing another dental day next year.