Dental Crowns in One Visit

When decay in a tooth has become so advanced that large portions of the tooth break off or need to be removed a crown is often used to restore the tooth. The crown replaces the natural tooth structure that was removed, protecting and providing function again. At Family Dental Care, the majority of crowns that we perform are completed from start to finish in one appointment rather than the regular two appointment crown procedure.

One-Visit Cad/Cam Dentistry

Using CAD/CAM, (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) ceramic crowns are prepped, designed, custom-stained and glazed, and seated in one appointment. We also use the CAD/CAM system for digital impressions to send for Full Gold and Full Zirconia Crowns, which are typically used by people who have a strong bite or suffer from clenching and grinding.

Plan Scan
Providing Dental Crowns For Nearly 10 Years

Caring For Your Crowns

After the crown is seated, you will be given home care instructions and encouraged to have regular six-month dental visits. It is essential to floss in the area of the crown to avoid excess plaque or collection of debris around the restoration just as you would for any other tooth. Specific behaviors such as jaw clenching or teeth grinding will shorten the life of a crown.


Everyone is professional, friendly, and competent in what they do. The dentist is experienced and keeps up with new methods and equipment. The office manager is able to answer any questions about your insurance or method of payment. If she doesn't have an immediate answer, she will contact the company while you wait or get back to you in a short time. The hygienists are experienced and thorough in delivery of their special services.

Gary Vrenna

My visit was excellent. I went to get a crown and Amanda scanned my teeth and explained the whole process while preparing for the doctor. Dr. Johnson was amazing. She used numbing gel with such finesse that the novicane I was dreading really wasn’t that bad. She also answered all of my questions with patience, even though she was busy, and helped me calm my mind that I was making the most cost effective choice in choosing the porcelain crown. Christina was super helpful as well. The insurance quoted $85 for the crown and when the determination came in the mail it said $114 but she still only charged me the $85.00 quoted on the phone. Thank you Christina! Amanda went above and beyond and offered to clean my retainer - that was so kind. She also let my watch the mill as it made my new tooth. The experience turned out to be better than expected and the end result looks so real. Great job Dr. Johnson and Amanda.

Valerie LaPlaca

By far the best place to go if you are looking for amazing service! Friendliest staff ever. You are taken care of with the highest level of care and kept comfortable while doing so. I have never a bad experience (& I’ve had a lot of work done) and massage chairs with heat and cool music make it even better. Clean, high-tech and truly an awesome dentist with the best staff ever. You won’t be disappointed!

Staci Robson

If you need a crown, Dr. Johnson is the one you want. In less than 2 hours she removed my old filling, used a high-tech digital scanner and her state-of-the-art milling machine had my new crown completely done. No impressions with the plaster, no temporary fillings, no waiting for a dental lab – quick, easy and comfortable. Office and staff are great. Highly recommended.

Mike Anderson

This is a practice with a very high standard for quality work, professional and friendly service, and smart use of the latest technologies. Why wait for a crown to be manufactured at a distant lab when Dr. Johnson can usually make it right there in her dental lab and send you on your way with a permanent crown?

Bruce Parkhurst